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The woman is devastated for her child, who may be suffering from a mysterious disease that could soon lead to death. Most likely, in Port Charles will unravel a storyline very similar to that of Oscar Nero. Hayden will desperately ask Hamilton for help in the hope of saving her child. Finn will work hard with himself to find a suitable therapy and, more importantly, a diagnosis that can give hope for treatment to the child. In all of this, Hamilton will reflect on his relationship with Anna.

His love affair will be overshadowed, as Finn's sole goal is to prevent the child from tragically dying. It cannot be ruled out that Hayden and Finn will be back in action. It is Hayden Barnes, who had long since moved away from the city. Several months ago, Hayden asked Hamilton Finn for help, but the storyline ended in a rather mysterious way.

Only now do we know the reason for the medical consultation. Hayden may have a very sick child, who risks dying at any moment. The situation is not as simple as it seems. As we know, Hayden gave birth to the child secretly and then disappeared from Port Charles. How come she hasn't been seen in town since she learned of her child's allegedly serious illness? The poignant "General Hospital" spoilers reveal that Hayden has a goal in mind.

Will Finn be able to save Barnes' child before it's too late? According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, fans hope that Hamilton will find a therapy for the little child, preventing from dying as happened to Oscar Nero. The doctor will do anything to save the child and, in this complicated medical journey, he will realize that he still has feelings for Hayden. The child, who is probably Finn's, could bond with him and forge a special relationship.

These unfortunate characters will find themselves united more than ever because of this drama. Is Anna really the woman he loves? Without a doubt, Hamilton's relationship will be overshadowed. What will really matter to him is saving his child's life. Will Hayden and Finn be back on the scene?

We can not rule out that the couple 'Fayden' returns hot in the coming episodes. Stay tuned so you don't miss out on the next "General Hospital" latest spoilers. Click on the topic that interests you to follow it. TV Shows General Hospital. Follow the page TV Shows. Follow the page General Hospital. Don't miss our page on Facebook! Trending today.Oscar's death has devastated her, although Drew is trying to console her and offer her support.

Her pain and despair will take her over, leaving her in a pitiful state. In addition to suicide, according to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, it is possible that Kim will fall into the drug tunnel.

In short, it seems that Oscar's Nero mother wants to find a way to suffocate her immense pain. The latest "GH" spoilers ensure that Kim will do something extreme in the next few episodes, which could have severe consequences for her and her family.

The two will leave for Mount Kilimanjaro, with the intention of spreading the ashes of the boy, now finally free to suffer no more. Despite the gesture of love, Kim will not be able to overcome the pain of the loss of Oscar Nero.

Spreading the boy's ashes, Oscar's last wish before he died, gave Kim the impression that he could still do something for him.

When this mission ends, too, the sense of emptiness will devastate her deeply. Drew's reassurance and closeness will do nothing. According to the latest "General Hospital" spoilers, Kim will not be able to recover and will continue to think about Oscar's death. The negative thoughts will take over, and Kim will end up making reckless and very dangerous gestures for herself.

We still don't know exactly what Kim will do, but she will surely put her life in serious danger. The consequences will be very serious and will have a serious impact on the lives of Julian and Drew.

Kim had thought of joining the DoD, which Shiloh had been enticing her to do. However, this unhealthy idea had fortunately been shelved. Now that Kim is fragile though, we can't rule out that she's trying to find comfort in the sect run by the evil Archer. Another hypothesis is that Kim sees her abuse of antidepressant drugs or, even worse, drugs to inhibit her pain.

Unfortunately, the latest "General Hospital" spoilers don't exclude that Kim can choose the most extreme way, that is suicide. How will Drew be able to bear the loss of Kim after Oscar's death?

Surely, soon, Kim will give the first signs of failure, giving details of the dangerous path he will take.

Gh Spoilers Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Stay tuned for the next "General Hospital" spoilers.Drew and Kim have just returned from their mission in Kilimanjaro, where they scattered the ashes of their son, who died tragically from brain cancer.

Kim will plunge into pain, endangering her own life. Most likely, the doctor will end up abusing drugs or, even worse, attempting suicide. The problems are certainly not over. According to the rumors of 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry' in fact, Drew will discover that Scout may not be his daughter. Meanwhile, Port Charles will tremble after Nelle Benson's surprise arrival, ready to take revenge and implement his plan. Crazy Nelle' will form an alliance with Shiloh who, in return, will ask her to prove her loyalty.

It is therefore not excluded that Nelle may become part of the DoD. However, a twist will disrupt the man's intentions. Scout could be Jason's daughter! As we know, in the past episodes of "GH", there was an exchange of cradles by Helena in Caesar.

The two have kidnapped a child to give it to Caesar's brother. However, their plan may not have worked. As a result, Sam may have gotten pregnant to avoid any kind you suspect. For the rest, the short relationship between Drew and Sam did not allow Faison to implement her plan. A plausible assumption is that Sam was drugged while Drew was away from Port Charles to carry out some business work. In this way, Faison could have safely made artificial insemination to Sam, making her get pregnant with Jason.

Other "General Hospital" spoilers say that Jason will start investigating and will come to find out where the documents proving the exchange of the cradles in Faison's possession are located. In addition, Peter is aware of Faison's plan to get to the twinning exchange. Despite everything, Jason would be thrilled to know that Scout is actually his daughter. Moreover, this fact could excite the fans of the couple 'JaSam,' who would discover that they have a daughter.

Meanwhile, Nelle will find an ally to escape from prison and return to Port Charles more aggressively than ever. According to the assumptions of 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry,' this dangerous and powerful character could be Shiloh Archer himself. The head of the DoD, however, will not work for free and will demand a generous reward from Nelle. The woman will be so in the hands of Archer, and we imagine that she ends up falling into the trap of the DoD, tied for life to the sect that sows terror in the city.

We will know more with the next "General Hospital" spoilers. Click on the topic that interests you to follow it.

gh spoilers celebrity dirty laundry

TV Shows General Hospital. Follow the page TV Shows.

gh spoilers celebrity dirty laundry

Follow the page General Hospital. Don't miss our page on Facebook! Trending today. Susan B. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Follow susanna on Facebook. Read more on the same topic from Susan B. Jane Flowers Video Maker. This article has been curated and verified by. Parasshuram Shalgar.Your General Hospital spoilers weekly update is here! GH Weekly …. The General Hospital recap for Friday, April 10,features a throwback to a very special birth and a simultaneous loss of epic proportion.

General Hospital Recap Highlight With so much discussion…. The General Hospital spoilers for April, reveal an audacious plan being revisited, utterly devastating news for Sonny, worry for Laura, and much more.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlight C…. General Hospital spoilers for Monday, April 13,reveal a day of surprise meetings and shocking actions. General Hospital Spoilers…. General Hospital spoilers for Thursday, April 9,reveal a day of reexamining the past and contemplating the future.

General Hospi…. General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday, April 8,reveal a day of shocking actions and deep regrets. General Hospital Spoilers Hig…. General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, April 7,reveal a day of threats and promises kept. General Hospital Spoilers Highlights I….

General Hospital spoilers GH for April, is here! Your General Hospital spoilers weekly update for April, is here! Follow Us Facebook.The " Chillow " could return very soon, to the delight of their fans. In the next few episodes, Shiloh will endanger the naive Willow. The girl will be saved by Michael. Nina, for her part, doesn't want her daughter to rejoin Chase and won't take long to ruin both their lives.

Gh Spoilers Celebrity Dirty Laundry

In the next episodes of "GH," Willow will face the most atrocious pain after learning of the news of the death of the real Wiley. This terrible circumstance will bring her closer to Michael, even though an unexpected twist can change everything. What will happen in the next episodes of "GH"? The focus is on the love triangle of Willow, Michael, and Sasha. Nina, who will soon discover the truth about Willow, will do anything to keep her daughter away from Chase.

General Hospital Spoilers: Margaux's Shocking Secret Past With Drew Revealed - Celeb Dirty Laundry

Willow and Michael have always been close, not least because they are both followers of the DoD sect. As we know, Willow got pregnant and decided to give up her son to prevent the child from falling into the hands of the sect of Shiloh.

On that sad occasion, Chase offered her all her support. The Nurses Ball will be a wonderful opportunity for Willow and Michael. During the party, in fact, the girl will be joined by Shiloh who, in all probability, has discovered something about the child she gave up for adoption. The latest "General Hospital" spoilers say that Archer will be furious and that Willow will be in trouble. Saving the girl will once again be the brave Michael.

However, the "Chillow" couple will be hindered by the wicked Nina. The woman will see to it that Sasha takes an interest in Chase again. Nina's plan is to separate her daughter from Michael forever and, most likely, she will. According to the rumors by 'Celebrity Dirty Laundry', a rebound between Sasha and Chase is not excluded.

Other "General Hospital" spoilers say that the situation between Willow Tait and Michael will become progressively more complicated. In the next episodes of the soap opera aired on ABC, Michael will play an important role in Wiley's storyline.On the bright side, Kristina will have a chance to catch up with her sisters and offer support to one of them.

General Hospital Spoilers Celeb Dirty Laundry

Molly felt like TJ Ashford Tajh Bellow had dumped her and shut her out, so she decided to let loose and have some fun with Brando. Of course, Molly quickly realized her one-night stand was a huge mistake after she got updates on the truth. TJ was actually held hostage and unable to get in touch with Molly, so it was all a big misunderstanding. Although Molly agreed to this domestic partnership idea, she may be wondering if she can really enter into something like that with such a massive secret between them.

That might be something Molly brings up during her chat with Kristina. General Hospital spoilers say Sam will face off with Brando soon, which suggests Molly will indeed spill the story of her hookup and ask what she should do. As for Kristina, she may concentrate on how Molly should handle things with TJ. Kristina might feel like it would only hurt TJ to tell him.

General Hospital Spoilers Celebrity Dirty Laundry

Perhaps Kristina will argue that the kindest thing Molly could do would just be to forget it and move on. This is a mess that could easily get messier! General Hospital spoilers say some fantastic scenes are coming up, so stay tuned.

Do you think Molly should be honest with TJ? Should she deliver the Brando hookup news and try to explain?General Hospital spoilers teases that young actress Londyn Silzer is in a new movie on Netflix, and posted about it recently on Instagram. Valentin assured his daughter that the doctors could help her friend if Bailey was diagnosed with scoliosis. Charlotte was happy that they could offer Bailey moral support, but she was also proud that Valentin had been able to help Ms.

Caldwell find the right doctors. Moments later, Lulu Spencer Emme Rylan arrived. Later, Bailey greeted Charlotte as Ms. Caldwell joined the small gathering and thanked Valentin for advising her to use the SpineScreen app provided by Shriners Hospitals.

Lulu added that Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston had helped her nephew when he had suffered a terrible burn. Valentin was careful not to react at the mention of Spencer Cassadine Nicolas J. Londyn, however has never played in any General Hospital episodes alongside her sister Brooklyn Rae Silzer.

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gh spoilers celebrity dirty laundry

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